I’ve finally managed to open again this site. As you see, all old content is erased =/. Well I’ve had some trouble updateting to the new wordpress-version and at the end I’ve made a complete new installation. Maybe I’ll bring back some of the old content.

Now I’m using the reCaptcha-Service for avoiding spam-comment. If you need some captchas on your site, please use this greate service. It doesn’t create just captchas, it also helps digitalising books! So if the user has anyway to fill out anoying captchas, why not use it for a great purpose.

Btw. A nice blog from a web-geek =). Btw, cocaman has nothing to do with the drug!

One thought on “Back!

  1. Corsin Camichel

    Why haven’t you told me you are a blogger now?? Damn, missed it till today. But I have subscribed to your blog. And if you want some more “action”, I suggest you add your blog to 😉

    And I have heard about reCaptcha somewhere … hmm … RIGHT! Your English presentation 😉

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