Dead Like Me Movie

I’m a fan of the TV-series “Dead Like Me” (IMDb/Wikipedia) and I’m waiting for the direct-to-DVD movie (IMDb), but I’m not sure what I should expect. On one side, I’m really exited and hope that the film will be as cool as the series.

On the other side, I fear that it will be a debacle. First, Rube (Mandy Patinkin) the leader of the reaper-team isn’t in the movie. Second, Daisy is played by a different actor in the movie (played by Sarah Wynter) than in the series (played by Laura Harris). But the biggest concern is, that I will be a horrible movie, just made for getting the last penny from the fans. Brian Fuller, the creator, has already  left the show after a few episodes due financial and creative differences. So the series had some up and downs in quality and some logical inconsequence’s. So maybe the movie looses ever more of the original attitude.

However, let’s hope that the movie will rock and that I’m completely wrong with my concerns.

Dead Like Me, Season OneDead Like Me, Season Two