Ijon Tichy: Raumpilot

Ijon Tichy: Raumpilot (IMDb / Wikipedia) is a small, German TV-series with 15-minutes episodes. It tells the adventures of an astronaut and his “analoge Halluzinelle”, which is basically an holographic board-computer. What’s really unique about the show is it’s style. The rocket looks like a retro-coffee-machine, inside it is a old-fashioned apartment filled with retro-stuff, the machines are amateur-self-made-creations, the aliens look like an invasion of 70’s B-Movie-Monsters and so on. The stories align to the look and are really freaky. The trashy look is the strength of the show. However besides its look the show fails to be really funny. I’m just missing some “in-your-face”-jokes.

You can watch a full episode at www.zdf.de: Klick on “ZDFmediathek” an type “Tichy” in the search. Klick on a 15-Minute-Episode.

Star-O-Meter:starstarstarempty-starempty-star (3/5)

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