GWSig 2.0

I’m working on version 2.0 of my Guild-Wars-Signature-Project. The fist version was a fast hack, so version 2.0 will have lots of improvements. Although I really dislike PHP(it makes stupid things to easy and is really inelegant to write) also the new version is written in PHP, because it runs on every god damn cheap shared host-website.

It won’t have much more features, its mostly a clean implementation from scratch. Some new features

  • Multi-Language-Support. It’s easy to translate all texts. The language get picked by the users browser-language.
  • Heroes-Battle-Support. The new ladder gets included.
  • An administrator-panel where basic things can get set.
  • Back-Button shouldn’t break the application.

There are as well some non-functional requirements:

  • Better security by impossible SQL-Injection.
  • Better separation of the UI and the logic-code.
  • Cleaner code in general.

I hope I’m finished as fast a possible, because the old version seems to be broken anyway at the moment.

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