Burn Notice

In Burn Notice (Wikipeida/Imdb) Michael Westen is a covert operative who’s been burned (fired/marked/dumped as reliable, dangerous). He has lost his ‘job’, has no identity, no papers, no official history, no job. He has been dropped in Miami and is now dealing with his ‘trigger’-friendly ex-girlfriend Fiona, his buddy Max (played by true only Bruce Campbell =)) and his family. His earning his living with ‘do me a favor’-jobs and tries to find out why his has been burned.

Its a solid spy series with some ironic ironic tone. The main character is also the narrator off his life. Solid dialogs, solid action and mostly solid actors except that the main-character has nearly always this frozen, cool agent face. Maybe this is indented, but in my opinion even a special agent has ‘fake’ emotions =).

Anyway, I’m waiting for the second season.

Star-O-Meter:starstarstarstarempty-star (4/5)

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