Eets, Consolas and Google’s 10th Birthday

Eets is a little indie game and if fun. Its similar to classic Lemmings. You navigate a small, cute little being to a golden jigsaw piece. With chocolate-canons, rocket-firing, marshmallows and other tools you push, throw and lead the Eet to its target. A demo and the game are available on the official site ( and on steam. (A longer german review on

eets-spiel-1 eets-spiel-2

Someone else ( noticed that Consolas is an excellent monospaced font, optimized for displays and not for printing. Therefore it rocks for code-editors and IDEs. It comes with Vista and/or Office 2008. There’s also separate download. Visual Studio 2008 uses it per default. On other IDEs or Editors you have to change it manually. The font only looks good if ClearType is turned on, otherwise it looks like shit.

Our favorite data collecting, data-mining and advertising expert google is ten years old.

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