Life on Mars

Hell yeah, the 70s rock! But Detective Inspector Sam Tyler doesn’t agree with that. After a car accident he wakes up in 1973, 33 years in the past. So he’s finding himself at doing police work together with Gene Hunt. Sam is facing many cultural conflicts, mainly because he’s modern approaches don’t fit together with the traditional methods of his colleagues. Also he doesn’t know if he’s mad, back in time or in a coma. He hears voices from the year 2006, has visions and receives strange phone calls etc. So Sam tries to escape this madness.

So Life on Mars (IMDb, Wikipedia) is a crime-drama show with mystery-elements. Thrilling episodes, excellent actors, beautiful British English, great locations and the 70s, what else to ask for? Especially the second season rocks.

Also the second season has a conclusive ending, so I don’t miss more seasons. Also there’s a ‘sequel’, Ashes to Ashes (IMDb, Wikipedia) which I’m going to watch later. Also there’s the US-Remake, but I’m generally not interested in remakes.

Star-O-Meter:starstarstarstarhalf-star (4.4/5)

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