Dead Set

The Big Brother fans go crazy in front of the Big Brother building during the eviction of the next candidate. The crowd is cheering and screaming. Suddenly panic spreads fast. The Living Dead has reached the camp, hunting, killing and feeding on the people still alive. The candidates survive, because there in the sealed Big Brother set. But fear, desperation and disputes put their lives at risk.

Dead Set is a (IMDb, Wikipedia) is a stereotypical zombie flick, but in TV series format. A group is surrounded by zombies and tries to escape this misery. With scissors, axes, pistols and fire-extinguisher zombies get sliced and diced. Brains get smashed and guts are thrown all over the place. The hard visual violence combined  with sold visual effects makes Dead Set not suited for lightweight afternoon entertainment. Of to brighten this scenario, a bit humor isn’t missing.

So Dead Set is a prime example zombie flick, so watch it if you like these genre, otherwise avoid it.

Star-O-Meter:starstarstarstarstar (5/5)

Short trailer:

Clip: “…not on tele anymore…”: