In Treatment

In Treatment (Wikipedia, IMDb) is a HBO TV drama series about the psychotherapist Paul Weston and his sessions with his patients. There is Alex a traumatized fighter-pilot, Sofie a suicidal teenage girl, Amy and Jake which are in couples-therapy and Laura who has fallen in love with her therapist. But also Paul himself struggles with his life and visits his own therapist Gina.

The show is a straightforward drama. Most episodes never leave Paul’s office and most of the time only Paul and the patient are involved. Basically they act as narrator of the ‘real’ story, which had happened outside the therapists office. Even the episodes where Paul himself is the patient, the narrating-structure is kept and its kind of a recap of the other episodes. So In Treatment relies on the performance of the actors and luckily the actors are good and fit their role. The stories are believable and realistic. Sometimes two episodes or therapy-sessions nearly make no progress, but are in the next there a great break-through.

In Treatment is the US-Version of the Isreali tv-drama Betipul (Wikipedia, IMDb). The second season will run next year.

Star-O-Meter:starstarstarstarhalf-star (4.5/5)


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