Tom Jackman records a desperate message on his own tape recoder: “…minimum necessary force, do you understand me? I will check…”. The boy who’s threatening Tom is confused. He forces Tom to stand faced to the wall and picks then tape recorder up. Meanwhile, something is changing Tom…Some minutes later, the boy is lying injured on the ground. Mr. Hyde is awake!

BBC’s Jekyll (IMDb, Wikipedia) is a modern sequel to the classic story of a Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. In some strange way, Dr. Jackman is a descendent of Dr. Jekyll. He ‘changes’ to Mr. Hyde as well. Even worse, Hyde is getting stronger day by day. To make his misery complete, a secret organization tries to catch Hyde while Tom tries to suppress his dark side.

Jekyll is a classic thriller with a mysterious organization, betraying friends, a family in danger and a desperate hero. Tom and Hyde are portrayed both by James Nesbitt. The Hyde and Tom are easy distinguishable by the different makeup, hairline and acting. This works IMO really well and especially Mr. Hyde is fun to watch =). Anyway, watch worthy mini television series.

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