Being Human

being-humanAnnie is talking exited with the pizza-delivery-boy who just brought her pizza, but the pizza-guy doesn’t share Annies enthusiasm for small-talk. After the chat Annie closes the door and returns to her flat, which is covered with cups of tea and coffee. Annie is relieved that finally ordinary people can see her…
George has a serious lack of self-confidence. He’s uncertain about what he is doing, he’s uncertain in every conversation and he avoids any relationship. He tries to hide his ‘curse’ from everyone. No one should ever know what he really is and should better keep a safe distance from him…
Mitchell believes that he manages his life quite well. He tries to have a normal and quiet life. However sometimes he struggles or even fails to keep his ‘condition’ under control…
Annie, George and Mitchell are sharing a house in Bristol and try hard Being Human (Wikipedia,IMDb). But that’s not easy if you’re a ghost like Annie, a werewolf like George or a vampire like Mitchell.

I really like BBC Threes fantasy-dramedy about the strange flat-sharing-community. The three ‘creatures’ have each there own ‘special’ problems and needs. So it’s fun and entertaining to watch them dealing with there conditions and environment. Each episode shows the small steps the characters take torwards a better life.
The story is straight forward and simple. The strength of the show its good mix between fantasy, comedy and drama. The show mostly spares with special effects which is fine. There are some werewolf-transformation-scenes  with rather bad special effects.

There are only six episodes and one pilot. The pilot has a different cast, so its a little confusing. I hope that BBC shoots  a second season next year.

Star-O-Meter:starstarstarstarstar (5/5)


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