-I’ll stick to what we’ve agreed.
-To tell the truth…
-…the whole truth and nothing but the truth.spooks
-The truth is a highly elastic concept.
-No, we make it elastic.

Manipulating the truth, breaking law, making life or death decisions is the daily business for “Section D” at MI-5. The team led by Harry Pearce is kept busy defending the United Kingdom. The team is confronted with terrorists, disloyal military, Russian mafia, corrupt politicians, ex-spies, other secret services etc etc. They sometimes even fight against their allies like MI-6 or spy on their own agents. No one can hide from MI-5.
Working for the secret service isn’t easy. The agents cannot trust anyone, have to lie to everyone and risk their life. No wonder they struggle maintaining a private life. Despite the burdens Harrys team keeps fighting for queen and country.

BBC’s Spooks (or MI-5 outside UK) (Wikipedia,IMDb) is a well done spy thriller/drama series. Spooks has everything you’d expect from this genre. Sci-fi like high-tech gadgets, double agents, traitors, ticking bombs, explosions etc. Also has the series no mercy. Agents get killed or fired, so after season 3 no one of the original team is left. Families get destroyed, people are tortured, other secret services are misused whenever possible, the media is censored and manipulated. At the end the ‘heroes’ aren’t heroic at all.
Most of the time Spooks is thrilling to watch. You never quite know what’s going to happen, which characters are honest, who is betraying whom.
Each episode has its own self containing story. Starting with Season 6,  a background-story is told through all episodes, so you have to watch them in order.

There is a cancelled spin-off series, Spooks:Code 9, but as far as I known is sucks so badly, I won’t watch a single episode. Season 8 is announced and will air this year.

Star-O-Meter:starstarstarstarempty-star (4/5)

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Where’s the bomb?

Death of Fiona:

Harry spying on his daughter: