Jane Hall

jane-hall– You told me…
– I didn’t tell you anything. You assumed. And…eh… And I know it sounds mad, it what I want, at the moment.
– You’re a bus driver?!
– Yeah

Jane Hall is clumsy, uncertain, a little shy and often fantasies about her life. One day her parents throw her out. So Jane moves into a flat in Hounslow, London and applies for bus drivers job. There she meats Richard and Robert and falls in love with both. So tumultuous times are coming for Jane and her fantasy alter-ego.

Jane Hall (IMDb, Wikipedia) (aka Jane Hall’s Big Bad Bus Ride) is a funny, fast pace dramedy, produced for ITV. The casting is good, all actors fit the role. Especially Sarah Smart performs outstanding as Jane . The main plot is pretty straightforward, but the little side stories bring enough life into the show.

Jane Hall is suitable for a broad audience. It’s entertaining and fun to watch, perfect for a rainy day. It’s nearly a show for the whole family, if it did have a over-15 rating.

Star-O-Meter: starstarstarstarempty-star (4/5)

Scene (Sorry for the quality, there’s no good material out there):

Scene (Spoils ending!! Again crappy quality):