funlandLola and Dudley, a prude and strange couple, is on the way to Blackpool to spend some days there. Unfortunately they’ve booked a room in a dirty, awful small hotel.
Carter is on the way to Blackpool to find the murderer of his mom. Shortly before her tragic death she told Carter the last word, Blackpool and Ambrose Chapel.
Meanwhile Shirley Woolf is all spun up over family business. His relation to his mother and wife is extremely tense. His mother, owner of a big strip club, tries to make his life hell on earth.

Funland (IMDb, Wikipedia) is quite an ironic title for this mysterious, dark thriller. Well yeah, it has black comedy moments, but generally the show is dead serious. It starts with a few independent storylines and as it proceeds these storyline are merged together bit by bit.
Funland has something of a horror movie with its strange characters, filthy perverts, the uncomfortable locations and the disturbing story. Nearly every character is in deep shit and sinks deeper with every move. The show emphasizes its dark theme with rough language and other quite explicit material. In my opinion that fits well to the show. Of course this means that it’s clearly for adults only. Given all that, Funland targets as small audience which likes this kind of dark shows.

By the way: The funny thing is, I’ve discovered Funland by following links on IMDb from Sarah Hall, which is quite the opposite of Funland.

Star-O-Meter: starstarstarstarstar (5/5)

Again, there’s no trailer out there, only some scenes.

Hiding a dead body:


Scared of ghosts?

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