Free IntelliJ-IDEA and YouTrack Pricing

IntelliJ IDEA, the best IDE in the world, is now available for free. Yeah \o/. How cool is that? Even better, it’s has a Apache 2 License. However lots of plugins stay close source and are only available in the commercial version. I actually don’t care that much. IDEA is worth every penny and I will buy the new version anyway.

More Jetbrains-News. Finally the price of the upcoming bug-tracker YouTrack is revealed.  Sadly there is no free version available. The professional-edition costs 300$ and the enterprise-edition 1200$. The introduction-price it half of that. YouTrack has the best user-interface for a bug-tracker I’ve seen so far. On the other hand it doesn’t have lots of features. (compared to Jira)

Anyway I really would like to use YouTrack, but I currently don’t use it intense enough to be worth 150$.

Ok, enough seeing through rose-coloured glasses =)