Rx-Framework, Lombok & Music For Everyone

  • There’s a new talk/interview about the Rx-framework for reactive programming on channel 9. Yes, it’s the third time I link talks about the same topic here (here is the first and second) . But as Erik said in the talk: “Maybe I can never in my lifetime invent anything this beautiful anymore”. (Part1, Part2)
  • I’ve found this interesting project for Java: http://projectlombok.org/. It provides some annotations like @Getter, @Setter, etc which implement the boiler-plate-code for you. To realize that it uses some clever tricks. Haven’t tried it yet, but it certainly looks promising.
  • And after all this tech-bubbling, some culture: http://www.bandstandbusking.com/ They invite bands to play in parks in London. So you could come to such an event or watch the videos.