The Unusuals

– Maybe you should sit down first…The Unusuals
– No, no, I don’t want to sit down, just tell me.
– Yeah?
– Yeah!
– Ok, you’re dead.
– That’s not funny.
– No, no, I’m not kidding, you’re legally dead…

Casey Shraeger is new to the homicide unit and finds herself in a unusual group of people. For example Leo Banks, who beliefs that he dies at age 42. Eric Delahoy who has a brain-tumor but is afraid to accept treatment. Another detective thinks he’s the best and doesn’t need a partner at all. So Shraeger tries to do her best fighting crime and fitting into the group.

The Unusuals (Wikipedia,IMDb) is a comedy-drama which follows a whole group of detectives. Each episode follows different cases and the relations-ships within the squad. Additionally a parts of the story is running over multiple episodes. So it’s not the usual dead body, 40-minutes investigation, hurray here’s the killer.
Honestly, after the first episode I nearly quit watching. However I kept watching and after few episodes I started to like it. Mostly because fell in love with the characters. The show doesn’t have deep an complex character-development. But the characters are just on the sweet spot between comic-like and still real.

End the end, the show is a entertaining mix crime-solving, funny moments and a pinch of drama. Unfortunately the won’t be a second season =(.

Star-O-Meter: starstarstarstarempty-star (4/5)

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