CastleLanie: Getting a drink with me after work instead of getting your freak on with writer boy?
Beckett: Yeah, well, he is annoying, self-centered, egotistical, and completely…
Lanie: Fun. And take it from me, girlfriend, you need some fun. I mean, how bad can he be?
Beckett (answers phone):  Beckett.
Castle: Guess who’s got a date with a prostitute!

Rick Castle, a successful writer, is called to help Kate Beckett to solve a murder which is based on his novels. After solving the crime, Castle decides to use Beckett as inspiration for his new book. And since the mayor is a good friend of Castle, he actually can ‘assist’ Beckett.

Take two quite different characters, force them to work together, add a few twisted murder-cases and serve it with humor, et voilà, you’ve got ABC’s Castle (IMDb, Wikipedia). The show is a regular crime-solving drama. Some cases are pretty interesting, but most of the time it’s nothing extraordinary. But together with the comedy elements it’s a quite fun show.

Perfect show to just watch an episode from time to time. But nothing more.

Star-O-Meter:starstarstarempty-starempty-star (3/5)


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