– You leaked the set list, and you are not going to get away with it!
– That is a libellous accusation, and I insist you retract it immediately! You have no proof.
– No proof?! You are the only person who had the list!
– But other than that, you have no proof.

The Glee-club, a club which does sing- and dance-shows, is very unpopular and therefore has a hard time recruiting new members. The fact that the club members are considered losers doesn’t help. Nevertheless Will takes over the club and tries to bring it back on the success-track. Unfortunately he made a arch enemy with this move:  The trainer of the cheerleaders hates the glee club and does everything to jeopardize all of its activites. And there  comes additional trouble like a teenage-pregnancy, etc etc.

Fox’s Glee (IMDb, Wikipedia) is a wonderful musical comedy drama. It has all the right ingredients: It’s shiny, it’s colorful. It has silly, naive but lovable characters. Contains a good portion of humor and self-irony. And finally it has popular pop songs with nice dance choreographies. What’s there to dislike? It’s just perfect entertainment.

The second season’s returns on 13. April this year.

Star-O-Meter:starstarstarstarhalf-star (4.5/5)

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