Black Books

Black Books

Black Books

– Why can’t they leave me alone? I mean, what do they want from me?
– They want to buy books!
– Yeah but why me? Why do they come to me?
– Well, because you sell books.
– Yeah, I know… but…

Bernard is a mean, unpleasant, cynical and egoistic bastard who’s running the dirtiest and most unfriendly book shop in London. Basically he spends all day in his book shop smoking, complaining and drinking cheap booze. Most of the time he’s miserable or angry, shouts a costumer and he’s friends. Well one day he employs Manny, who’s unable to defend himself and gets bullied by Bernard. And then there’s Fran, a friend of Bernard who’s spending also quite some time in the bookshop smoking and drinking. And so we follow the three how they waste time.

Black Books (IMDb, Wikipedia) is a wonderful sitcom with the great Bill Bailey as Manny and Dylan Moran as Bernard. It’s a mix of simple straight forward jokes with a pinch of black black humor and really bizarre events. Besides obsessive drinking and treating costumer like crap we can also watch how books get absorbed, how walls move and how hot weather can trigger dangerous illnesses. Have fun watching it =)

Star-O-Meter: starstarstarstarempty-star (4/5)

Now a few clips from the show. Once again, embedding is disallowed.

Black Books, Business (Guess what the thing is =) )

Black Books, Costumer Service

Black Books, Advices