Luther? Martin Luther? Or Martin Luther King? No, no, it’s about John Luther, the main character of BBC’s Luther TV series (IMDb, Wikipedia).  I’ve noticed this series multiple  times while skimming through IMDb. However, I always though it’s about one of the famous Luthers. So I didn’t bother to take a proper look at it. But then Julia posted a review which put thing right and caught my attention.

John Luther is a detective, one of the best detectives. However he’s always walking a very thin line between police work and being criminal himself. He easily looses his temper and goes nuts, endangering his work, other people and himself. Luther returns to duty after a suspension to a new case. The case is impossible to solve and he gets deeply involved with the primary suspect, which makes things not easier.

Luther is a crime-solving drama series, starring  Idris Elba. It has a serious, badass atmosphere with a great main character. Luther is not Mr. Nice Guy. He’s constantly struggling between doing ‘the right thing’ and following he’s feelings. And there’s Ruth, which is a mysterious, cold hearted person. The show has good actors, a solid script and story and is generally well made. But for me it is hold together by the two characters, Luther and Ruth.

Now I have to mention Sherlock. Both series aired this year on BBC. Sherlock did great with high viewer ratings. By constrast Luther had troubles with decreasing viewer ratings. I think Sherlock is  the better show. However I personally prefer Luther. I love the serious, dark tone and John Luther is a more accessible character than Sherlock. In the end both series are damn good. Best of all, both return with a second season next year \o/.

Star-O-Meter:starstarstarstarhalf-star (4.5/5)


3 thoughts on “Luther

  1. juliaL49

    Very good description as always 🙂

    Did you also think the last two episodes were a bit of a letdown or did you like those especially well? I am so looking forward to the next series.

    More even than Sherlock. Somehow I didn’t like that is was all over too quickly and I’m kinda blaming the show for leaving me high and dry.

  2. gamlerhart Post author

    The last two Luther episodes? No I really like those. Ok the ‘open’ ending is unsatifying.
    Or the last two Sherlock episodes? Yes, I think the first Sherlock episode is the best.

  3. juliaL49

    I meant the Luthor episodes because towards the end they became more standard crime/mystery fare. In the first few episodes they explored other, more strange and unobvious ways.

    But I also liked the first Sherlock episode the best – the Moff knows how to write quality tv 🙂