The Wire Season 4-5

The Wire

The Wire

A while back I’ve already lost a few words about The Wire (IMDb/Wikipedia). It’s a realistic drama show about life of the police, criminals, politicians etc. Back than I had mixed  feeling about it. I loved the realistic tone but also found it some times boring . And so I lost interest after the third season.

Now I’ve finally watched the last two seasons. And I’ve to say: I really love this show! I’m going to miss it. I don’t know what has changed since I’ve watched the first three seasons, but watching the last two was a blast. The interesting characters, the perfect casting, the feeling of authenticity, all of it make The Wire a truly unique show. Probably I’ve changed my preferences over time and now I’m more open to long running, slowly developing dramas. And of course the show itself also got more complex over time. Each season shifted the focus on another area. For example the dock-workers, the school-system, the press, the politics etc. And lots of those plots where continued in later seasons.

That’s it for now. I only can recommend The Wire when your willing to watch a complex, slowly moving drama.

Star-O-Meter:starstarstarstarstar (5/5)

And to close this post, some cool quotes from the show (link for RSS):

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