Clayton Young, the best gunman around, is about to be executed. In the last minute the governor offers him a deal. Clayton has to kill Matthew Saberneck. He agrees to do this job and starts his snowy journey into the unknown…

Snowblind (website, IMDb) is movie produced by a community of enthusiasts. It’s shot by volunteers with passion and a lot of effort. The first thing you’ll notice it the special imagery. Snowblind has a painted, comic-like look to it. The scenes look really ‘flat’, a bit like actors act on stage in front of matte paintings. It is clear that this is a ‘artistic’ way to avoid creating complex sets and save money. Additionally the picture is grainy and full of scratches, like really old movies. All this together gives a unique look, which works for this movie.

Now a few comments about the story, acting and action. The story is a typical western story, just in the future and in a snowy environment, nothing more. The acting is below average, but I’ve seen worse in commercial, regular movies, so I can’t complain. The action-scenes are awful, but what do you expect from a movie with no budget?

To my surprise I really liked the music. I expected that a community driven movie may doesn’t have the copy rights or resources to have a good soundtrack. Not in this case, the music is good and fits the movie.

After looking at the different aspects of Snowblind, how is the overall impression? Is it a gripping movie or a sleeping pill? A masterpiece or just awful? In my opinion it’s a below average, more less boring movie. However considering that it’s made by a passionate community and that they made a watchable movie earns a lot of respect.

You can watch Snowblind for free on their website:

Trailer via Youtube:

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