Being Erica

Being Erica

Being Erica

Erica’s life is a mess. She’s jumping from one temp job to the next, has no lasting relationships and she feels that she hasn’t accomplished anything in her life. One day, a mysterious man recommends her to see a therapist and hands her the address. Desperate to change her life, Erica takes the chance and finds out that the mysterious man is Tom, a therapist. Tom asks Erica to list all regrets of her life. A few seconds later Erica finds herself in the past, on a day she regrets doing something…

Being Erica (IMDb, Wikipedia) is a comedy drama about life, love, jobs and relationships spiced up with time traveling action. The show follows Erica who relives her regrets of her past which helps her getting more confident about current life. That clever basic story brings tons of funny, strange and awkward moments with it. Sometimes the show is a bit too much melodramatic and soapy for my taste, but the overall concept works great.

(Spoiler-Alert) Now a few words about one character in this show : Julianne. She’s a nightmare. I hate that character! At the beginning she’s the terrorizing, cold and bitchy boss of Erica, so the story hates Julianne like I do. Later on she and Erica become friends. Now the show tortures me with this awful character all the time. I hope Julianne gets hit by truck in the next season 😉

So far three seasons are out there. Unfortunately the show struggles to keep itself fresh. The third season was quite boring except for two episodes. I hope that eventual future seasons will be better than the third. Being Erica is a Canadian TV series, which means there’s room for more remakes; an UK and US remake are planned.

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7 thoughts on “Being Erica

  1. Rainer Hilmer

    OK this plot sounds – well – somewhat interesting but just because you mentioned funny aspects. Digging in other peoples lives is usually not getting my attention. We all had our ups and downs, so what.

    Seeing this plot in one movie could be entertaining – but a whole series with several seasons – naaah.

  2. juliaL49

    Ah, I wanted to watch this for some time. Maybe your article now makes me 🙂

    But why oh why would anyone think there is demand for a UK or US remake of a Canadian TV show?!?

  3. gamlerhart Post author

    @Rainer Hilmer: Being Erica diggs and explores Erica’s life. The time-traveling-aspect doesn’t change all that much.

    @JuliaL49: I’ve no idea why there’s a need for a remake. The show aired on E4 in the UK already.

  4. Jeremy

    I agree that the show has gotten a bit stale lately. That’s too bad because the basic premise of the show is quite good. I think that they need to do some reshuffling in the creative staff and perhaps some new characters to bring it back to life. I think it would do well in the U.S. Not so sure about the U.K. though.

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