Wolf Lake

One dark night, John’s girlfriend Ruby disappears under mysterious circumstances. He tries to find her and follows the traces to Ruby’s hometown, Wolf Lake. As he investigates Ruby’s disappearance he discovers more and more of Wolf Lake’s secrets.

Wolf Lake (IMDb, Wikipedia) is a supernatural drama, originally aired on CBS. Well it is an average mystery show, which centers on the strange citizen and events in Wolf Lake. For me the show has one giant mistake: The title. Well what do you imply with such a title? There are wolves? Werewolves maybe? The story never directly tells you that there are werewolves, the audience is kept in the dark and the existence of werewolves is only hinted. But with that title you already know. Maybe it was never the intention that werewolves are a mystery, but it was a way to save money on the effects and mask. The rest of story is nothing spectacular.

Wolf Lake

Wolf Lake

Well, I can’t tell you much more about it. The show is too average, to have particular highlights. Nevertheless I quite enjoyed watching it.

Wolf Lake has only one season. What astonishes me is that Wolf Lake hasn’t been released on DVD or Bluray. I don’t know why. When you search it on the internet you find DVD’s, but those are almost certainly bootleg copies. I watched a low quality copy, which was probably taped on VHS originally. Let me know if you find a official release of this show.

Trailer: I didn’t find any trailer online, so I link this clip from the Daily Show, making fun of the title 🙂

Star-O-Meter:starstarhalf-starempty-starempty-star (2.5/5)

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