When I first saw the trailer for Outcasts (Wikipedia, IMDb) I was really excited. I hoped for a strong sci-fi drama with character depth and good actors. Of course a trailer doesn’t guarantee anything, but what I saw was promising. And the BBC has a lot of extremely good TV –series, so the potential was here. Here’s the trailer:



Then I started watching it and unfortunately Outcasts is a huge disappointment. The story doesn’t go anywhere, the characters are cold, uninteresting and you don’t understand their motivation; the dialogs feel artificial and so on and so forth. You want some examples (spoilers)? The story is all over the place: First I thought it was about the new people arriving on the planet. Then the story seemed to be about the outcast of genetic engineered humans. Suddenly ghosts appeared. Later on I had a creepy feeling that theirs a secret on the planet which involves time traveling. Shortly after the tune changed and it was about people possessing aliens (or still ghosts?). There was never a consistent flow and they changed the MacGuffin at random. I think that alone is enough kill any notion of an exciting story. Mixed with the other aspects, Outcasts is energy draining and dead boring to watch.

The only positive is the production value, especially the nice landscapes. They did a great job to film everything in wonderful landscapes. I also think that the acting was ok, but it cannot over shine the bad script. That’s about it with the good parts =(

So stay away from Outcasts and wait for the next season of Doctor Who =).

Star-O-Meter: empty-starempty-starempty-starempty-starempty-star (0/5) (Yes, a zero. Mainly because I had high hopes)

By the way, I watched all 8 episodes…OMG.

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