History of a Mixtape

Sometimes it is fun to think about the steps which led to a certain thing. Here’s a short history of my mixtapes I’ve lately created.

The Start: Asian Movies

Everything started with me starting buying used DVDs of mostly Horror movies. Of course I also bought some Asian horror flicks. Those movies reminded me that I haven’t watched Asian movies for a while, so I started to start watching Asian movies again.

Meanwhile: Djs from Mars

Meanwhile I increasingly listened to remixes and mashups of pop- and electronic music. Especially after someone showed me the Djs From Mars sets, which are pure remix/mashup awesomeness =).

Here’s such a set: Djs From Mars – Alien selection 2011 05 05 by djsfrommars

Search for TV series

While I was enjoying Asian movies I started to wonder if there are good Asian TV series out there. If they can produce wonderful movies they certainly also can do great TV series? I know that there are tons of excellent Animes, but I not (yet) an Anime-guy. I started to search for non Anime TV series, which was more difficult that I thought, mostly because my usual sources only list on western shows. Well I succeeded and watched Detectives in Trouble, a Korean police-drama.

First Contact with K-Pop

The streaming site where I watched Detectives in Trouble included ads. One of them was ads for some music. Out of curiosity I click on such a link and a music video for ‘Follow Me’ by 2NE1 showed up. Well the video is colorful, silly and somehow fun.

My first contact with K-Pop:

K-Pop remixes

After watching the 2NE1 video clip it suddenly came to my mind that there could exist cool remixes. So I’ve entered something like ‘2ne1 remix’ into Youtube. And guess what, there are cool remixes available. There are actually lots of really good K-Pop remixes around. There are people who do tons of remixes, like Areia or DJ Amaya. In remixed form I really enjoy K-Pop =).

A 2NE1 remix by Areia:

The Mixtapes

While I’m now listing to the newly discovered K-Pop remixes I really wanted to have some K-Pop remixes in my Djs from Mars sets. Or the other way around, having western Pop remixes in my DJ Amaya sets. After a while I decided that I just do it myself. I used to do mixtapes like 10 years ago, so dusted of my memories about it and quickly dumped out a short mixset.

The first mixtape:

And shortly after another tape (I like this one much better):


Well that’s the history if my mixtapes. I’m not sure if I keep creating new ones. I had a lot of fun creating these two above, but I’m not sure if I can keep up the interest.

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