freeQnet-Mixtape: Roundtrip

Round Trip Mixtape

Round Trip Mixtape

English: This is not the style of mixtape I usually, but a contribution for the German blog freeQnet. The task was to create a mixtape to the topic ’round trip’. Instead of doing a collection of ’round-trip’ songs I’ve decided to do a musical round trip, across the world and different music genres.

Btw. I often shorten tracks substantially in my mixtapes. So better also check out the original.

Deutsch: Dieses Mixtape is ein bisschen anderes als üblich, weil es ein Beitrag zu freeQnet Blogparade ist. Die Aufgabe: Ein Mixtape zum Thema ‘Round Trip’. Anstatt eine Lieder Sammlung zum Thema zu machen gibts eine Musikalischen Roundtrip, über die ganze Welt mit verschiedensten Musik Stielen.

Übrigens, ich kürze oft ganze Teile raus aus einem Lied. Man sollte also besser noch das Original anhören.

  1. Switzerland, Rap/Pop: Gimma – Unmensch: Switzerland. We start in my home, Switzerland. The musician, Gimma, is from my home Canton and also sings in the local dialect.
  2. Germany, Rap/Pop: MashupGermany – Dicke B-Boys and Beginner-Girls: Ok, it’s a mashup and not a pure ‘German’ song. But the mashup artist is German and the main lyrics are from a German song.
  3. Sweden, Rap/Pop: Veronica Maggio & Snook & Petter – Inga Problem: This song just fits in here.
  4. Finland, Rap/Pop: Fintelligens – Mikä Boogie: Finland is certainly more known for its metal and rock bands. Nevertheless I’ve selected this song.
  5. Bulgaria, Pop: Таня – Будет Жарко: I think that this is a Bulgarian singer and that the song is in Bulgarian.
  6. Russia, Electro-Pop: Инфинити – Ну и пусть: Again, I’m not sure about this, but I think it is a Russian dance track =).
  7. China, Electro-Pop: G.E.M – Want to Tell You: A nice Mandopop Song.
  8. Thailand, Electro-Pop: พ้อย (P.O.I) : ได้แล้วเลิก (Dai Laew Lerk): Again, really hope that I’m not wrong and this is really Thai-Pop.
  9. South Korea, Electro-Pop: Super Junior – Mr.Simple: Originally I’ve picked the song Bonamana. However I’ve changed it in the last minute, because I feel that Bonamana has been played too death.
  10. Japan, Electro-House: Kuroki Meisa – One More Drama (Areia Remix): We’re moving to Electro-House with this remix.
  11. Australia, Electro-House: Ryan Riback ft Jennifer Lissar – Make Me Go (J Nitti Remix & Sebastien Benett Remix): I used the ‘J Nitti Remix’ for the transition and then it goes on with the Sebastien Benett remix.
  12. Brazil, Metal: Sepultura – Ratamahatta: Bang, hard transition to Metal. Quite an old song, and probably the best know song from Sepultura.
  13. USA, Metal: Straight Line Stitch feat. JOSE MANGIN – One Reason: Lesser known Metal band from Knoxville, Tennessee
  14. Canada, Metal: Kittie – Funeral for Yesterday: Let’s calm down a little with this song.
  15. Iceland, Rock: Mammút – Svefnsýkt: Heading towards Europe and the end of this tape.
  16. UK, Indie-Pop: Slow Club – Giving Up On Love: We’re ending this roundtrip back in good old Europe with this nice song.
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