Lip Service

Frankie Alan is returning to Glasgow after her aunt, which fostered her, died. There she is not only meeting her friends and ex, but is also caught up by her own past. Meanwhile Frankie’s friends struggle with their own little daily issues.

Everyone has his own issues

Everyone has his own issues

Lip Service (IMDb, Wikipedia) is straight forward relationship & romance drama. Everything is solid, the acting, the story and the overall series, but there is also nothing special or out of the ordinary about it. Ok, most main characters are lesbians, but that alone doesn’t make it that special. Also I find that the main-character Frankie not that likable. I don’t know why, I usually like characters with a ‘bad ass’ attitude. Luckily there are enough other character which are more likeable.

Now I’m sounding pretty negative here, like Lip Service is a bad show. It is by no means bad, but just soooooo ordinary. When you ran out of good drama series or need some filler, go ahead and watch it. However I rather recommend a more unique drama like How Do You Want Me.

By the way, there’s a second season planned.

Star-O-Meter: [rating: 2.5/5]


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