TV-Series Reviews and Stuff?

No TV series review? Oh nooooesss. Yes, I definitely don’t watch as many TV series as I used too. I’m just too busy with other stuff.

Torchwood: Miracle Day is on pause. I don’t like the first three or four episodes. The story is silly (ok, that’s was also in previous series the case), too much annoying ‘morale blah-blah’-ish stuff, no ‘enemy’ or driving plot. I was bored. Has anyone watched the whole thing? Do you think it is worth finishing?

I’m catching up on Doctor Who though, expect a ‘detailed’ review as always =).

Anyway I did watch quite a lot of ‘new’ series, but mostly cheesy and soapy ‘romantic-comedy’ stuff. Feels like my estrogens-hormone levels have risen with every minute of watching those ;). The point is, this stuff is not review worthy.

For TV related stuff you might want check out @knightASTIC‘s new blog, he’s the bigger TV series junkie than me =).


A yes, I always need to promote my mixtapes \o/. I added a ‘Mixtape’-section to this page which shows the latest tapes.

Let's Rock Mixed Bag Electro-House

Let's Rock, Mixed Bag and Electro-House

Rock Edition October

Hmm, rock tapes are still annoying to do.  I’m just not skilled enough to get a good flow through the tape. Anyway this tape it very moderate and could be played on Pop radio stations. It also has some very cheesy songs in there:

Gamlor Rock Mixtape End of October by Gamlor

November Electro Tapes

The first one is mixed bag of electro-pop, –house and other electronic music. I really like this one:
Gamlor Electro Mixtape Begin of November 2011 by Gamlor

My latest one is a straight forward Electo-House mixtape:
Electro-House Mid-November 2011 by Gamlor

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