GuitarWhan의 록-리믹스/ GuitarWhan’s Rock Remixes

저는 리믹스와  매시업이 진짜 좋아요.  전자 음악이 리믹스 많아요, 근데 록 음악이 안 많아요. GuitarWhan은 메탈 리믹스 해요. 한국하고 태국의 팝노래 리믹스 자주 해요. 저는 GuitarWhan 알기 전까지 팝이랑 메탈 안좋은 생각이라고 생각핬어요.  하지만 지금  메탈 리믹스 더 많고 싶어요.

2NE1 록-밴드이라고 미친 생각이에요.

2NE1 록-밴드이라고 미친 생각이에요.

그리고, 저 그만 말하고 노래가 볼게요. 들어봐주세요:

2NE1 – I don’t Care (ROCK Version By GuitarWhan):

Mila Feat. Kaew FFK – เถียง (ROCK Version By GuitarWhan):

역시, 록-음악 얘기해서 네 세로운 믹스-테이프 있어요 (아라요, 1주 전이에요):

I really like remixes and mashups. There are many Electo remixes, but not that many Rock remixes. GuitarWhan is one of the rare Metal remixers. He usually remixes Korean and Thai Pop Songs. Before I know GuitarWhan I though that Pop-Songs with Metal isn’t a good idea. Now I wish there where more such remixes.

2NE1 as Rockband is a crazy idea

2NE1 as Rockband is a crazy idea

Anyway, I stop talking and show a few songs. See the links above ;). Also, since I’m talking about Rock music, my new Rock-mixtape is out (Ok, it’s already a week old). See also above.

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