Because I’m currently to busy to dig into stuff myself I’m lazy an just post a list of exiting talks about all kind of geeky topics:


The new Java Memory Model: A talk about how the memory-model works and what is needed to guarantee that a change in memory is visible. If you have no idea how it works, you will never be able to write good and correct thread-safe code. Of course, you can read the specification, but who ever does that 😉

The Closures Controversy: How to implement closures in Java or even leave it out? Thx to cocaman and daniel.lorch for this tip.

Programming General

How To Design A Good API and Why it Matters: If you’re programming for a living, you have to see this talk!

New Cryptography: Algorithms, APIs, and Architecture: I’m not a cryptography-guy, but I’ve found this talk really cool. Well at the end, it centered around the windows-world an how they’ve implemented some stuff, but the first part is pretty general. WARNING: Crappy Silverlight-video-stream-client.

Other stuff:

Why more is less: Repost ]:-) A talk which shows the dark side of the modern world with more and more choices.

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