Wonderfalls (IMDb/Wikipedia) is one of the best TV-dramedy I’ve ever seen (pure opposite of the iTeam). It hilarious funny, its has intelligent plots, it has likeable characters and its has different episode-styles like  “non-linear crime and mystery”, “psycho thriller” and “romantic comedy”. Its near to perfection and it just genius . Its created by Todd Holland (“Malcolm in the Middle”) and Bryan Fuller (“Dead Like Me”, “Heroes”, “Pushing Daisies”).

FOX canceled the show after four episode (wtf?), similar to Firefly, but there is a DVD* available with includes all 13 episodes. I’ve bought the DVD after I’ve had seed nearly all episodes but I just had to have a “hard copy” of such a great show.

* (DVD, that’s a reflecting disk with a hole in the middle. They can be played on a odd device called DVD-Player. You can purchase those at store or online)

Stars-O-Meter: starstarstarstarstar (5/5)

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