Windows Live Writer and Spammers

I’m using Windows Live Writer for writing my blog most of the time. Although this tool is made for the whole MSN and Windows Live world, it works nearly perfect with WordPress together. All you have to do is choosing “Another webblog service” during installation, specify the URL, username and password and you’re done. Of course it doesn’t support all WordPress-features, but the basic stuff works great. You can create drafts offline,it has an spell-checker, you can just drag and drop pictures into you’re blog-entry, it supports plug-ins etc. Its just a little easier to create and edit an posts and is has the advantages of a desktop-application. And because I dislike web-applications in general, windows life writer is my tool =).

Today, the first spammer broke the reCaptcha and commented some garbage. =( I hope this won’t happen to often.

windows life writer

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