New channel9, new Opera

The channel9 v4 is now final. The layout is more clear, less bloated and also has now embedded silverlight videos. However, all videos have a WMV alternative link. The best thing is the new “quote” system. It doesn’t copy the whole content into the new post like regular forums. Instead it has a link, which load on demand the “quoted” text. There are only small downsides. The html-editor still doesn’t work with my Opera-beta-browser and the site is a bit slow.


The new snapshot-release has a new default skin. In my opinion, it’s really ugly. Well the dark tabs are may acceptable, but the icons are painful little black holes. At the end, the new skin is just to ‘sad’. I rather use the old one, which likely is still included =). Get the snapshot here:

The new standard skin:


The old one:


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