Reaper (IMDb, Wikipedia) is a comedy-drama TV series about Sam, whose soul was sold to the devil by his own parents. So at his 21st birthday, he has to work for Satan as ‘reaper’, catching escaped souls from hell. Basically hell is run by criminals who hat to work for the devil, so souls flee all the time.

Of course, Sam manages his best friend involved. And luckily the work all “the Workbench”, a big home-repair-warehouse, where they can equip themselves for there missions. The first few episodes it mostly about the troubles to manage the work, relationships, soul-catching etc. Later a bigger plot is unrevealed.

The devil tries to engage Sam to do bad, selfish actions, but Sam tries to refuse. Each ‘deal’ with the devil have a catch somehow. But sometime the devil seems to like and care about Sam. Ray Wise is playing the devil really well. The charming, kind businessman but still ice cold and rational.

Anyway, great, funny show and I’m waiting for season two.

Star-O-Meter:starstarstarhalf-starempty-star (3.5/5)

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