Windows brings a huge collection of driver with the default installation. Also Windows Update can bring you driver-updates if necessary. However, Windows doesn’t contain the newest driver for the most possible drivers. So DriveMax is basically a driver check, download and update service. You run the tool and it checks the version against its repository. If a newer driver is available, it offers you a download. You only need a account for the service.

But there’s a small catch. For updating its driver-repository, it uploads drivers from users. If it detects a newer driver, it simply uploads it to the repository. So there is potential to have unreliable, buggy drivers on the download-service. So you better only download signed drivers from the DriverMax-Service.

Edit: The download system is a bit awkward. You follow a link on the website which has a choise of drivers. Then you download a “DiverMax”-File, which tells DriverMax what driver to install. Its a bit like Bittorrent.

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2 thoughts on “DriverMax

  1. fischmac27

    sounds great…. but does it really work?
    doesn´t it take months to download drivers like geforce/forceware (about 65mbytes as far as i know)?
    or (worst case) one of those very strange hewlett-packard printer drivers with some tenthousand mbytes 😉