Veronica Mars

I’ve first watched a snipped of Veronica Mars (IMDb, Wikipedia) in German TV because my sister was watching it. Myfirst thought was that it is yet another teenager soap opera and wasn’t interested. Few weeks later I’ve encountered lots of positive resumes so I gave it a second try and watched the first episode. It proved that I was badly wrong! This show rocks! It’s one of my all time favorite TV-series along with Wonderfalls, Dead Like Me and Firefly.

Veronica Mars is a student which runs private investigations for her father and friends. Since her best friend was murdered and her father fired, she is an outsider at high school. However she fights her way trough.

The show has a unique balance between teen-drama, crime-investigation, mystery and humor. Most of the episode have a lightweight story while the main plot get unrevealed slowly with different twists and turns. The acting is rock solid and the characters are credible.

The first seasons is by far the best. The main-plot is well set and exciting from the beginning to the end. The second and third season aren’t quit as good, because the story isn’t as consistent and thrilling. Sadly a fourth season never made it on air. On the third-season-DVD is a ‘trailer’ for Veronica Mars at FBI, but the project never took off.

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Season one summary-video with heavy spoilers:

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