Deadwood (Season 1)

Deadwood (IMDb, Wikipedia) is the western-drama equivalent of the Wire. It also kept realistic and has a serious tone. The series shows the politics, business, law and society of the growing gold rush town Deadwood. All actors fit perfectly for the role. So each character is credible and seams to have his unique background and motivations. The town is full of strange folks, from a religious reverend, a substance abusing doctor, a widow of a gold-seeker, helpless prostitutes to a unethical procurer and some fine gentlemen.

There is no general plot or straightforward story. Each episode just shows how conflicts, politics, relationship etc move forward. This supports the realistic touch of the show, but it also makes it no lightweight-entertainment.

Surely this TV series isn’t suitable for everyone, but it has its audience. However there are only three seasons.

Star-O-Meter:starstarstarhalf-starempty-star (3.5/5)

German DVD release:

Season trailer 1:

Random Scene, blood stain:

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