Joan of Arcadia

I’ve watched Joan of Arcadia(IMDb, Wikipedia) after Wonderfalls, because it has a similar plot. However instead of animals God himself talks to Joan. Its basically a typical teen-drama but given the story it has some silly and funny moments. I like the concept of God appearing as different persons giving hints and advices.

But it has weaknesses. First it has to many soap-opera elements for my taste. All this whining and crying it just terrible nor helps the story. Furthermore it has some terrible, awful characters. First the brother who’s a science geek. He’s always talking about physics, chemistry etc. Its like they’ve stolen a character from a science-fiction-show and miss planted him in there. And then there Adam, who’s a mumbling, shit-talking artist. He’s alone could create a soap-opera by himself. Luckily there also is Grace, a punk-girl, who really lights up the show. Also the ending sucks. At in the last episodes the enemy for Joan (send by the Devil?)  emerges, but then the series ends. Its just mean to end an series when there just a new twist.

So given a powerful “ignore-the-soap-opera-elements” the show is enjoyable and fun, otherwise not.

Star-O-Meter:starstarstarstarempty-star (4/5)