Skins (Season 1-2)

Skins (IMDb, Wikipedia) is a British teen dramedy television-series. It revolves around a group of young teenager and their lives, troubles and friendship. The stereotypical looser Sid, egoistic and manipulative Tony, the Muslim Anwar, the responsible-acting Jal, drug-abusing Chris, fancy Michelle, gay Maxxie, street-smart Effy, stalker Sketch and  anorexic, suicidal Cassie whoss according to herself ‘totally better’. Each episode concentrates on one of the main persons, which gives each episode its own touch.

The atmosphere, humor and story-telling-style changes from episode to episode. It spans from very primitive, totally silly scenes to serious-drama. Sometimes the transitions between the scenes feels unnatural and forced, but in later episodes this gets better more consistent. Especially the second season has a more serious tone and doesn’t contain as much ‘silliness’ as the first season.

There are many short webisodes online but are not worth watching. The third season will air soon, but the complete cast is replaced. So It won’t follow up the past seasons.

Star-O-Meter:starstarstarstarempty-star (4/5)


What-The-Fuck: Bollywood?

Cassie, ‘wow, totally better’:

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