True Blood (First season, still running)

In the world of True Blood (IMDb, Wikipedia) Japanese scientist have developed a artificial replacement blood for the vampires. Because vampires no longer need to feed on human, they have the equals right by law. However human socity struggles to accept vampires and not all vampires are willing to drink synthetic blood. So vampires are still hunted, not only because they’re not human but also because their blood is a strong drug.

Sookie Stackhouse has an unique ability to hear the thought of human. She tries to suppress this ‘curse’, because she hears way more than she wants to. One day Sookie meets Bill, a vampire. Open minded and naive Sookie is exited to get to know a vampire. Even better, it’s relaxing silent around Bill, because she cannot hear his thoughts. All kinds of social conflicts are rising and even worse, a murderer ‘visits’ the small town.

Despite the unusual scenario, HBO’s new series it a rock solid drama. The tension between human and vampires is used as metaphor for real world conflicts. The story starts very slowly, but gets more thrilling with later episodes. The show has a good balances between stereotypical behaviors and offering credible characters. However Bills serious, dark facial expression is a bit over the top.

So I’m exited to watch the coming episodes and I hope there will be a second season.

Star-O-Meter:starstarstarstarempty-star (4/5)


HBO typical great intro

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  1. fischmac27

    great trailer!
    any idea if this will be on german televison someday?
    i wasn´t able to find anything about it …