Dead Like Me: Life After Death

So finally the Dead Like Me Movie (IMDb) is here, five years after the cancellation of the TV-series (Wikipedia, IMDb).  Serenity or The Simpson Movie are a great example of well done TV-series based movie. So does the Dead Like Me movie rock or suck? Short answer: It doesn’t rock =(

The good: Well, its nice to watch the well-known, loved characters again, portrait by the known actors. Especially Britt McKillip who plays still Reggie but of course she’s now grown up.

The bad: There’s no clear story-line. There are just different snippets: The new ‘boss’, breaking the rules, meeting with Reggie. The story just passes by without creating tension, thrill and emotions. All in all it is a not a really good Dead Like Me episode, just longer.

The ugly: As I’ve feared before, it sucks that Daisy is played by another actress (Laura Harris in the series, Sarah Wynter in the movie) and that Rube (Mandy Patinkin) is gone completely. Rube was a central character in the series. There’s a big whole which isn’t filled in the movie. Furthermore Daisy just isn’t Daisy anymore. Watching TV-series you associate the characters with the actors. Replacing them just doesn’t work.

Star-O-Meter:starstarstarempty-starempty-star (3/5)  (only the movie, of course)