After a deadly virus has wiped out 99% percent of the population a group of survivors (IMDb, Wikipedia) tries to deal with the new situation. With no government, police, electricity the world is turning into chaos. Little independent groups compete for the resource like petrol food and clean water. In this anarchy the group lead by Abby Grant earn for their fortune by scavenging the leftovers of the ex-civilization. The group is bunch of wildly mixed people: an doctor, a criminal, a spoiled young man etc. Of course this fragile group is put to the tests by conflicts with other groups and within the group.

BBC’s post-apocalyptic-drama quite an intense show about the a world without rules. The story is nothing special, but is told really well. Also is sets, landscape and subtle special effects are great. Completed with good actors and finished is this watch-worthy show. Its actually a remake of the same show from the 70’s. I’ve not seen the original and never will, but the 2008-version is great.

A second season is announced and I won’t miss it.

Star-O-Meter:starstarstarstarhalf-star (4.5/5)