Twin Peaks

*knock* *knock* *light-flickering*twinPeaks
– Who’s the Lady with the log?
– We call her the Log Lady.
– Ladies and…and gentlemen..n, if I could have your attention……Is this thing on?……Is this thing on!?
– Hang on, Dwayne. Thank you Mayor Milford. Agent Cooper?

FBI Agent Dale Cooper investigates the murder of Laura Palmer in Twin Peaks together with the local sheriff Harry Truman. Soon he finds out that Twin Peaks is special. The people are friendly, but everyone seems to keep a secret or behaves strange. Lots of small incidents occur  since Laura’s death. But Cooper is ambitious and with scientific-methods, instinct and weird dreams he will eventually solve the case.

Finally I’ve managed to watch Twin Peaks (IMDb, Wikipedia) (and drank a few damn good cup of coffee while watching 😉 ). Well Twin Peaks is well known and is truly a unique TV-series. It’s a unusual genre-mix with mystery-, drama-, thriller- and even soap-elements.

First there are all these strange characters. For example, Andy Brennan a friendly deputy, but slow, uncertain, clumsy and emotional unstable. Maddy who looks exactly like Laura but is only her cousin, Ben Horne who owns half of Twin Peaks and isn’t afraid of dirty business. Every character is unique and a little strange on its own. Together its like a shrink’s-dream, all those clients =).

Also is the atmosphere extremely tense. The dark woods surrounding Twin Peaks, the dark nights and the spooky owls. It seams that even the environment hides secrets. Also is the complete show is supported by the Twin Peaks soundtrack. You never hear hip pop songs, but variations of the theme. All this together with the Cooper’s dreams and vague clues creates a tension which lots of mystery TV-series lack.

However in the middle of the second season Twin Peaks solves the crime and fails completely to establish a replacement main plot. Without a good main-plot the show gets lost in itself. Also are to many new characters introduced in the second season. At the end a new main plot is finally established and the seasons ends with a cliff-hanger. Sadly a there’s no third season.

The ‘Twin Peaks Gold Box Set’ has a very good image-quality, considering that it’s a 90s TV-series. It includes the series, the pilot, the ‘international version’ of the pilot and some extras. The ‘international version’ of the pilot has a closed ending, in case it doesn’t air a series.

Well I thinks lots of people already saw Twin Peaks. For everyone else, it’s worth a try.

Star-O-Meter: starstarstarstarstar (5/5)

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One thought on “Twin Peaks

  1. juliaL49

    Hmm, I did not like the second season at all and the solutiont to the murder did not feel like one.
    Also: by far the worst music in the history of television! Towards the end I really had to force myself to watch it.
    The first season I would give 4/5 stars and the second a 2/5 (but only because it is Twin Peaks).