Love Soup

love-soup“What if that woman can read my mind….Oh god that’s a terrifying thought, you’re turning into a mad person. But what if she can?….Hello?…”

Love Soup (IMDb, Wikipedia) follows the life of Alice and Gil. Both are desperate to find the perfect partner. Both aren’t successful and stumble from one disappointment to the next.

BBC’s Love Soup is a nice small dramedy series with simple stories about everyday life. Nearly all characters could be your neighbors. Maybe the stories are too ordinary to be worth to be told, but at the same time thats charm of the show. The humor consist of awkward situations and is often very subtle.

In the second season the part of Gil is completely missing and the episodes are only half an hour long. In my opinion it was a bad decision to drop the Gil-part because it added some contrast. So the second season isn’t nearly as good as the first one.

Star-O-Meter: starstarstarempty-starempty-star (3/5)

Scene: Lonely, Single and Desperate?

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