Doctor Who 2005 Season 2 *Spoilers*

Season 2 starts with the new Doctor, portrait by David Tennant, ready for new adventures. For me  this was a bit of a shock that the main character has been ‘replaced’ after one season. For those who know Doctor Who longer this isn’t something new and is called ‘regeneration’.


This December the last episode with David Tennant will be aired and Matt Smith takes over. Anyway a trailer for the Christmas Special 2009: The End Of Time.


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Enough about the future, back to season 2. What is there to tell? Again crazy story lines, strange worlds, aliens, time and dimension-weirdness and appearance of well know Doctor Who enemies. \o/

Christmas Invasion (Christmas Special 2005)

Evil aliens gain control over all human with a certain blood-group. Unfortunately the doctor is still recovering from the regeneration of the last episode. Later on the Doctor wakes up and has a little fight with the alien-big-boss. One of his hands gets chopped off during the fight. It’s the hand Captain Jack Harkness keeps around in the Torchwood-Hub. =)

christmas invansion

christmas invansion

New Earth (S02E01)

Cat’s running a hospital, how stupid is that? My cat normally is especially good a lying around, eating and doing nothing. So there’s no way cats will run a hospital. And we meet again the Face of Boe and the Last Human in this episode.


Tooth and Claw (S02E03)

Hell yes, a werewolf, Queen Victoria and martial-arts fighter, what a combination. And of course in this episode the Torchwood institute is founded.


School Reunion (S02E04)

The Doctor meets his former companions Sarah Jane Smith and K-9 from the classic series. There’s a spin-off series called The Sarah Jane Adventures (IMDb, Wikipeida) where she’s the main character. However it is intended for a young audience.


The Girl In The Fireplace (S02E04)

A wild ride with time-portal, robots, a horse on a spaceship and so on.


Rise of the Cybermen (S02E05) & The Age Of Steel (S02E06)

Delete, Delete, Delete….A classic enemy returns to the show, the Cybermen.


The Impossible Planet (S02E08) & The Satan Pit (S02E09)

This is the first episode with Oods. Oods really have to be relatives to Zoidberg.


Love & Monsters (S02E10)

I really like such episode like Love & Monster when the story is told from the perspective of a minor character. A man sees the Doctor once and tries to find out more about him. After a while he joins a group which spend time finding the Doctor. They have fun times, he falls in love and so forth. One day a strange man joins the group and suddenly some member of the group don’t show up anymore….


Army of Ghosts (S02E12) & Doomsday (S02E12)

Delete, Delete….Exterminate, Exterminate…How hilarious is this, Cypermen fighting against Daleks. 



In my opinionthe second season is better than the first one. It has good stories, enough action, great visuals, everything I can wish for.

At the end, a trailer for the non-WTF-Doctor-Who-viewer:

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2 thoughts on “Doctor Who 2005 Season 2 *Spoilers*

  1. juliaL49

    Ahem, David is named after a Pet Shop Boy not a house tenant 😉

    And boy, do you spoil in your descriptions, tsts.

    Interesting that you like Love & Monsters so much because it generally gets very low ratings. I liked it as well. And as for Doctor light episodes, the one in season 3 (Blink) is FAN-TAS-TIC! (or brilliant since we’re with Number 10 now)

  2. gamlerhart Post author

    Oops, fixed the name. It’s certainly not my last embarrassing mistake.

    You’re right, I spoil quit a lot here. But no one is forced to read it =).

    ‘Blink’ is the definition of TV-awesomeness.