Doctor Who And Torchwood 2009 *Spoilers*

After four regular seasons of Doctor Who and two seasons Torchwood both shows take a break. Ok, the break brings us some special episodes. So I end my little post series (season 1, season 2, season 3, season 4) with a few words about the specials. I promise that I don’t spoiler anything from the upcoming End Of Time special.

Doctor Who Specials 2009

Doctor Who Specials 2009

First again, a cool clip. It lists all stories from the classic series and all episodes of the new series: (Link for RSS-Feed)


After watching this fast-forward history of Doctor Who, we go back to the near past.

Torchwood: Children of Earth

Children of Earth is a five part special, each part an hour long. Quite a long special, compared to the ordinary 45-minutes episodes. One day, all children start to talk exactly the same phrase, all over the world. The team around Captain Jack Harkness is of course alerted by this an tries to find out what’s going on. Badly enough, some parts of the government want to get rid of  Torchwood.

First, I really don’t like the talking children part, it’s again just stupid and silly. I mean, the whole fucking world would panic if something like this happened. Yeah, I shouldn’t complain since the sci-fi genre doesn’t rely on what makes sense, especially Doctor Who. Anyway, except that detail I liked the special a lot. Especially the half-happy-ending. I would be the perfect ending in case there won’t be new Torchwood series.


The Next Doctor (Christmas Special 2008)

Rosita is calling for the Doctor. As the Doctor runs to help her, he finds out, that there’s a second Doctor. Well at least someone who believes that he’s the Doctor. This is my favorite Christmas special so far. It has funny moments, some mysteries and a over the top ending.


Planet of the Dead

Christina has just stolen precious jewelry and is on the run and gets on a bus. On the very same bus the Doctor is after some strange signals. Suddenly the bus rushes through a time and space portal and lands on another planet. Why was there a such a portal and why does it lead to a dead planet?

Planet of the Dead

Planet of the Dead

The Waters of Mars

The Doctor land on mars and visits the first humans there. But something is wrong with the water. The Doctor find himself struggling between not changing history and helping the astronauts.

I don’t like this episode. It starts of ok. But then there comes the ‘don’t change the future’-parts. What the hell? I mean the Doctor changes the future or the past all the time. It doesn’t make much sense and worse, it doesn’t help the story.


The End Of Time

Part one will be aired 25. December and part two 1. January. Have fun!


Well then, this was my tribute to Doctor Who. I hope you enjoyed it. Anyway, I end this again with a few trailers.

Torchwood: Children Of Earth Trailer


The New Doctor (Christmas 2008)


Planet Of The Dead


Waters Of Mars