Doctor Who 2005 Season 4 *Spoilers*

This is the last regular season the new Doctor Who series. Currently season 4.5 is running which means instead of a regular season there are only a few special episodes. In this post I only include the regular episodes, not the specials. In this season, a old new companion follows the Doctor: Donna Noble from the Christmas Special of the third season.


Instead of a trailer a little comedy clip starring Catherine Tate and David Tennant. Catherine plays her well known role Lauren Cooper:


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Back to Doctor Who. The most famous Time Lord travels once again through the universe, time and dimensions. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Time Crash (Children in Need 2007)

A short special where the tenth Doctor meets the fifth Doctor because the different time lines ‘crash’. Watch it yourself on YouTube.


Voyage Of The Damned (Christmas Special 2007)

The Titanic crashes into the TARDIS. Not the Titanic you think of, but a space-ship-cruiser called Titanic. Unfortunately someone has sabotaged the ship so that it is on a collision-curse to Earth. Since the Doctor is on the ship anyway, he tries to prevent the catastrophe.


Partners in Crime (S04E01)

I don’t like this episode, it’s just to silly. Mainly because the good damn aliens looks like a horde of mutated Hello Kitty dolls.


The Fires of Pompeii (S04E02)

A strange oracle and people turning into stone in Pompeii. What is wrong here? What could be the possible outcome of the episode? Well the title gives certainly some clues =)

Fires Of Pompeii

Fires Of Pompeii

Planet of the Ood (S04E03)

Ah, the doctor meets the Zoidbergs/Oods again. The ‘Ood’-race is advertised as the perfect ‘slave’-race. However some resistance is building up.


The Sontaran Stratagem (S04E04), The Poison Sky (S04E05)

The militaristic race of the Sontaran try to conquer the earth with a clever plan. They’ve sold a device which everyone uses. Unfortunately this device has some surprising additional features.

Sontaran Stratagem

Sontaran Stratagem

The Doctor’s Daughter (S04E06)

The Doctor and Donna land in the middle of battle between humans and the Hath-aliens. Both side use clone-machines to create new soldiers within minutes. Well the humans create a clone of the Doctor, Jenny.
A great episode. It’s wonderful story with a great ending, the aliens-mask are extremely cool and Jenny kicks seriously asses.

The Doctor's Daughter

The Doctor's Daughter

Silence in the Library (S04E08), Forest of the Dead (S04E09)

The TARDIS lands on the largest library in the universe. But no one is there except a small group of explorers. Something is very wrong, something is waiting in the shadows…
A fantastic episodes. It reminds me of ‘The Empty Child’ and ‘The Doctor Dances’. It’s has a  spooky atmosphere, you’re absolutely clueless what’s going on and it has a wonderful, thrilling story.

Silence in the Library

Silence in the Library

Turn Left (S04E11)

Donna is ‘possessed’ by a time-bug and therefore runs through an alternative time-line in which she never meets the Doctor.


The Stolen Earth (S04E12), Journey’s End (S04E13)

The Daleks build a super-duper multi-dimension, multi-whatever bomb. Therefore the actually kidnap the earth to bring it into a special planet-constellation. By whom are the Daleks lead this time? It’s another old enemy of the doctor, Davros.
This two episodes have an all-stars-cast, all companions and the characters of the spin-off series fight the Daleks.

The Stolen Earth

The Stolen Earth


For seasons of best tv-entertaiment, watch it, enjoy it!

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2 thoughts on “Doctor Who 2005 Season 4 *Spoilers*

  1. juliaL49

    Yay, with green celery!

    Although I did like the first episode because the aliens were cute and the slapstick elements (Doctor and Donna miss each other all the time and when they finally meet).

    And yes, Moffat does write the best episodes.