– What if we’ve meant to be something like…superheroes?
– Superheroes? No offence but in what kind of fucked up world would that be allowed to happen?
– I did not sign up for that!

A group of young offenders are getting started with the community service. The bunch isn’t exactly motivated nor do they like each other much. Suddenly a supernatural storm breaks loose with heavy hail, lightning and thunder. As the group is running for shelter, they are hit by lighting. Shortly after they notice that they have gained some ‘superpowers’. After this little ‘accident’ Simon, Curtis, Kelly, Alisha and Nathan have to stick together. However the relationships are tense between our little ‘hero’-group.

Misfits (IMDb, Wikipedia) is a new drama on e4. The show uses the supernatural part to create a strange, unusual scenario. With that, the series has actually a classic story about an ‘accident’-team which has to makes it way through everyday life. It’s a wonderful little comedy-drama which is quite entertaining to watch. Of course, the characters fulfill some classic stereotypes, but it doesn’t hurt the show. Additionally the show includes some of the most stupid super-powers of all time =). 

Anyway, I’ve only watches three episodes so far. Three more epsides will be aired soon and I will certainly watch them.

Star-O-Meter so far: starstarstarstarempty-star (4/5)

Trailer Episode 1: (Link For RSS)

 Clip: They Like Each Other: (Link For RSS)

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